Our Program

At C & C DuVall Ranches many aspects are considered in building our herd and furnishing yours.  Efficiency is a top priority.  Being a new producer of Registered Red Angus, we strive to produce top of the line cattle that will impress and satisfy our customers.  To do this, our cattle, at all levels, must be efficient.  Disposition is also a quality of the Red Angus breed that we are determined to keep.  Our ranch is family managed and we want our kids, as well as your kids, to be comfortable around our cattle.  We want our numbers to reflect the quality of cattle we raise but EPDs are not what we breed for.  


It all starts with our focus on maternal traits: calf-raising ability and overall great mothering as well as milk production and easy fleshing.  Each of these are a factor in raising our best calf crop each year.  Females that can work in all conditions are the backbone of our program.

We also expect our herd bulls to contribute desirable traits to their progeny.  We are looking for calving ease without sacrificing growth and carcass quality.  Our Cows calve unassisted in our pastures and in order to do this, it is key to have the right bulls for the job.  Cattle disposition is something we take very serious.  We want our calves to inherit calm and docile attitudes.


Low birth weight calves with high growth marks and a quality carcass is what we strive for and each year we see our calves excel in just that.  We want you to have the success with your herd that we enjoy seeing in ours. Commercial and reigistered herds have one common goal: Profit.  This is exactly what we aim to do for you!

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